© Julia Krahn, Paxos Biennale 2022 

© Jewgeni Roppel, Paxos Biennale 2018

© Jewgeni Roppel, Paxos Biennale 2018


We are thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity for artists to participate in Paxos Biennale image based concept titled ONLINE/OFFLINE

The exhibition will feature printed artworks in a variety of mediums, including but not limited to: Photography, Digital art, Mixed media, Typography, Performance on camera, Graphic Design, Abstract art and more.

Read Biennale’s thematic here: >MANIFESTO OF MEMORY<


In a rapidly evolving digital age, the boundaries between online and offline experiences are becoming increasingly blurred. Embracing this intersection of virtual and physical realms, our exhibition concept, aptly titled O/O, seeks to explore the dynamic interplay between these two dimensions of existence.

At the heart of O/O lies a dual exhibition format, showcasing artworks both in the digital realm of our website and the urban environment of the Paxos island. This unique approach not only broadens accessibility but also invites audiences to engage with art in diverse and unconventional settings.

ONLINE EXHIBITION- Transcend geographical barriers

The online component of the exhibition serves as a virtual gallery, offering a curated selection of artworks accessible to audiences worldwide at the click of a button. Through intuitive navigation, visitors are invited to explore a diverse range of artistic expressions.

OFFLINE EXHIBITION - Transforming public spaces into Galleries

Complementing the virtual experience, the offline component of the exhibition transforms the streets of the villages of Paxos island into open-air galleries, breathing life into public spaces and fostering serendipitous encounters with art. Against the backdrop of natural landscapes and urban environments, artworks* emerge as captivating landmarks, inviting passersby to pause, reflect, and engage with their surroundings.

By decentralizing the exhibition space and bringing art into the fabric of everyday life, O/O blurs the boundaries between art and reality, encouraging spontaneous interactions and forging connections between artists, audiences, and the public sphere.

*All selected artworks will be printed and Installed by the team of Paxos Biennale.

Bridging the Gap

O/O not only celebrates the diversity of artistic expression but also challenges traditional notions of exhibition spaces, inviting audiences to reconsider their relationship with art in an increasingly digital world. By seamlessly integrating online and offline experiences, this concept transcends dichotomies, fostering a holistic approach to artistic engagement that is immersive, inclusive, and transformative.

In essence, O/O represents a bold exploration of the intersections between the virtual and the physical, the digital and the tangible, the global and the local. Through this innovative exhibition format, we invite audiences to embark on a journey of discovery, where art transcends boundaries and resonates with the essence of human experience.

We look forward to receiving your submissions and celebrating the diverse talents of artists exploring the intersections of online and offline experiences. Join us as we embark on this journey of discovery and transformation!


  • Application Opens: Immediately – We welcome early submissions.
  • Application Deadline: May 25, 2024 – Make sure to submit your application by this date to be considered.
  • Artist Notification: June 1, 2024 – All applicants will be informed of their application status.

How to Apply:

Application to the O/O is completely free. Send us 1-3 images in high resolution at the following email (paxosbiennale@gmail.com) in order to review your work. We will need the following information as well.


  1. Title
  2. Name of the artist / collective
  3. Portfolio link
  4. Short description (max 200 characters)
  5. Short bio (max 500 characters)


- Open to all artists aged 18 and over.
- All works must be original and created by the submitting artist or collective.
- We embrace the diversity of the visual art that is inspired by this year's theme.

Rules & Terms

Please carefully review these guidelines prior to submitting your images to Paxos Biennale. Ensuring you comply with all rules will facilitate a smooth submission process.

Ownership: The entrant should be the rightful owner of the image being submitted.
Communication: All communications must be made through the submitter’s contact information.
Image Format: Please submit your image in High-Res format (JPG or TIF). 
Promotional Usage: By submitting your images, you grant us the right to utilize it for promotional purposes related to the Paxos Biennale.
Copyright Usage: By submitting the image, the artist retains all copyrights to the artwork but grants Paxos Biennale NPO/NGO permission to print and exhibit the submitted artwork in the context of the 'ONLINE/OFFLINE' exhibition. Paxos Biennale NPO/NGO does not have the right to sell or use the image for commercial purposes. In the event that the printed image is damaged or destroyed during the outdoor exhibition, Biennale NPO/NGO will replace it with a new print. Please note that the printed image will not be considered as an original artwork but rather as a poster printed in PVC, which intention is to promote the work of the artist, and therefore cannot be sold or shipped to the submitter. After the exhibition, all printed artworks can be retained by the organization.  
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