Thiago Mazza 
THE FLOWERS AND THE OLD LADIES (Trifolium resupinatum & Spartium junceum), Olive Grove on the way to Avlaki Beach

When Brazilian mural artist Thiago Mazza arrived in Paxos end of spring, he was immediately drawn into the incredible diversity of flower species he found on the island. After dedicating himself to collecting floral motifs he walked the island extensively, looking for a place to position his work.

He found the perfect spot on the foot-pathto Avlaki beach, where he came across one of the numerous ancient olive groves of the island, with trees that can be up to 400 years old. The spot he chose stands out through it‘s extremely dense undergrowth, the immense canopies formed by the olive tree tops, and the magical play of shadows caused by sunlight.

In order to enhance this particular forest light and as a contrast to the lush green olive trees, Mazza chose Spartium Junceum yellow and Trifolium Resupinatum purple as the main colors for his floral mural on wood titled „The Flowers and the Old Ladies“.

Find it near Avlaki Beach

“The Flowers and the old Ladies”
installation view
Paint on wood panels

photos: Katie Rae