Rene Wagner
490_82, harbour of Gaios

Rene Wagner is an artist based in Kassel, Germany. Primarily concerned with the notion of branding, the commercial frame and drawing inspiration from sports teams and sponsors, he employs a multimedia approach to his practice that critiques the "artist-as-brand". His use of ceramic specifically,  renegotiates  a  medium  with immense historical weight; vases being designed to carry narratives and emblems of mythic or social significance,  but  also  serve  a  perfunctory,  decorative application  -  garnishing  mantelpieces  and  tabletops. Deriving his palette from car-mod culture, metallic fades and extravagant neon punctuate the grand shapes of the pottery. Wagner´s work constantly undermines form in favor of content, displacing the "high" tradition of porcelain and appropriating the imagery associated with "low" culture of the "street".

installation view
thermopaint on metal plates/ limited edition zine

photos: Jewgeni Roppel