Nuria Mora
BREATHING, old boat house in Erimitis Bay

A fisherman's net and 7 Km of satin and organza ribbon in an abandoned boathouse are the elements that make up Nuria Mora’s piece for Paxos Biennale 2022 in Erimitis.

Ribbons of many colours draw on the negative space and compose a site specific sculpture adapting to the cartography of the chosen site, an abandoned boathouse full of "a nameless quality".

This piece speaks of movement, interior and underwater oscillations such as those of the Posidonia Mediterránea algae meadows, the so-called lungs of the sea. (20 liters of oxygen per day and per 1m² of Posidonia meadow).

But not only does it pay homage to the oxygenation of the seas, carried out by these endemic seagrass meadows of the Mediterranean and essential for the landscape and aquatic life of Paxos, it also speaks of breathing and its poetic interpretations.

The morphology of this piece emulates these meadows but both its execution and its observation are an invitation to stillness and meditation.

They speak of movement of the sea and the wind as well as our place in it.

They speak of the need to observe more than to look, a need for a place for analysis and reflection.

They speak of immersing themselves like Hans Reiter in Roberto Bolaño's novel “2666”, in an inner world and the need to find a safe place from which to become strong.

He speaks of a landscape and his interaction to it, his being drawn into its depths, but above all the metaphor speaks of the need to differentiate the surface from the background. A place where our own inner world is built and from where we can submerse ourselves in the pleasure of reflection and free thought.

Roberto Bolaño uses the metaphor of the sea to talk about the bottom and the surface.

("In 1920 Hans Reiter was born. He didn't look like a child but an algae. He didn't like the land and even less the forests. He didn't like the sea either or what ordinary mortals call the sea and which is really only the surface of the sea, the waves bristling with the wind that little by little have become the metaphor of defeat and madness. What he liked was the bottom of the sea, that other land, full of plains and valleys that were not valleys and precipices that were not precipices.”)

This installation offers up poetic and aesthetic experiences, it is full of life, it broadens the meaning of art and reaffirms Robert Fillou's quote: “art is what makes life more interesting than art”.

installation view
Fisher net and 7 km of multi colored ribbons (satin and organza)