Michael Sebastian Haas

Michael Sebastian Haas (1979, Neuenbürg, Germany) lives and works in Berlin, Germany. He is a conceptual artist who uses multiple technologies and techniques to create kinetic art. By combining painting, robotics, light, architecture, landscape, and textiles he creates the logic and life of his “evolving systems“.

‘Interface’ is a landart installation at the Avlaki bay on the greek island of Paxos. Interwined with the topography and daily windclimate it shows a sequence of views over the day. In the morning a blue square field is levitating over the bay. Wind rises around noon and lifts the textile to a horizontal position where it is floating until late afternoon. In the evening winds are calming and you face a dark moving square. The ‘Interface’ is placed where the elements of sea and land face and where humans feel the need to leave and to arrive. Interface was realized as part of the first edition of PCAP.


installation view
225 sqm polyester textile, 100m steelcable

photos: George Angelis, the artist