Leonid Keller
FIRST PERSON, Old School in Lakka

Julia Ossko (1978, Germany) and Eugen Schulz (1984, Kasachstan), live and work since 2013 as the artist duo Leonid Keller in Berlin, Germany. Against the background of a specific topic - for the most part socio-cultural and political in nature - Leonid Keller develops subjective dramaturgies that "put into space" a new reality. Their work is about a new way of imaging  the social constructions shaping their generation and our world.

Inspired by an archive of images, by a local, amateur photographer from the 1950s, as well as Venetian and Greek ruins, that have a strong relation to the political history and today's identity of the islanders, Leonid Keller developed a site specific installation in the courtyard of the old school building in Lakka, Paxos.


“First Person”
installation view
school benches, paper, spraypaint, tension strap

photos: Jewgeni Roppel/ the artist